Monday, May 15, 2006

Problem winter hair, Here are some hair care solutions.

Tried and Tested Winter Hair Care Tips:

It’s that time of the year again. The winter season often leaves some not-so-cheery side effects on dry, listless, static-prone, damaged locks. There is a lot you can do to care for your hair from damage that occurs due to the onset of the cold months. A good winter hair care regimen will keep your hair in its finest form all through the season. Here’s how you can beat the trickiest winter hair problems.

Dry, frizzy ends
Schedule trims regularly, every six to eight weeks. Make sure that the split ends are carefully snipped off. Then, using your palms and fingertips, rub some coconut oil into your hair. Leave it on overnight for best haircare results.
Why? Because Coconut oil penetrates into the cortex (the central part of the hair), 3 times more than most other oils.

Static and flyaway hair
Coconut oil can help to weigh your hair down. For best hair care results steam your hair with a hot towel post oiling. Then, wash your hair with a mild shampoo and lukewarm water. Coconut oil is one of the best remedies for damaged and unmanageable hair. It helps cut down the static charges of flyaway hair, softens your hair and restores its sheen.
Dull, brittle and lackluster hair
Because of the lack of moisture in the air during the winter, it is a major hair destroyer. What your hair needs is an intensive nutrition, which can come in the form of a regular oil massage. A hair washed with a coconut oil massage only one hour prior to shampooing protects the hair from all the factors that break the protein bonds in the hair making it brittle. Over a period of time, you will find a significant difference in the health and texture of your hair. Coconut oil serves as a hair damage shield. It smoothens the outer protective covering of the hair, refurbishes the lost shine and aids grooming. Unlike most other oils which merely remain on the surface of the hair, coconut oil penetrates intensely and provides your hair with the nourishment it requires.
winter is the time when dandruff strikes the worst. This is mainly due to the dry weather coupled with the effects of metabolism. It is a condition marked by excessive flaking and scaling of the scalp. Thus, while tackling the dandruff dilemma, the key lies in retaining moisture in the scalp so that the skin doesn't peel off. Regular application of coconut oil in tandem with anti-dandruff agents such as lime, and tea tree oil can certainly help control dandruff. These agents attack the microbes that cause dandruff, while coconut oil prevents excessive drying of the scalp.

Hair color removal

I died my hair black about 2 months ago and now I am sick of it! I wanted to dye my hair an auburn color. I already did but only my roots turned the color I wanted. Does this sound familiar? If you have any artificial color in your hair, use a color remover to remove the artificial color first. Do not use bleach; bleach is for natural color, not artificial color. If you do not remove as much artificial color as you can first, the artificial color will penetrate deeper into the hair shaft and make matters worse. If you’re looking for a way to remove the color from your hair, here are a few good hair color removers that work. L’Oreal Color Zap this is a professional product, here is a good source or try one 'n only Colorfix at Don’t forget after removing color it will be an odd orange color, so you will need to pick the right shade of color to get it were you want it.